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Various tile installations include tub surrounds, walk-in showers, kitchen backsplashes, floors, fireplaces, countertops, accent walls, and much more.


Most tiled walk-in shower remodels include all new tile, plumbing fixtures, and a custom fabricated glass door. A budget of $10,000 is recommended for this type of project. Your product selection will weigh heavily on the total cost. An average shower has approximately 100 square feet of tile in it.

With this project most of my clients do not need a professional designer.


This often includes a shower remodel, professional design, new flooring, cabinet, countertop, heated floor, medicine cabinet, painting, etc.

At this level not every client needs everything so your budget will depend on your individual needs. How long you plan to stay in your home, the size and age of your space will also be big factors.

Product selection plays a large role in the total price of remodeling, often affecting the level of labor needed for the installation of varying materials.

At this level there can be enough details and product selections that a designer is highly recommended.

If you choose to personally handle these duties take a look at the material selection worksheet linked HERE to make sure you have all your needed selections.
An exact estimate will only be given when the design and product selection is complete.

If you shop for your finishes locally a discount will be given.


This level of remodel includes things like a full gutting of your bathroom, moving plumbing fixtures, moving electrical outlets, high end cabinetry, more storage, and other higher end finishes. Making the bathrooms footprint larger is common at this level. This will generally cost $30,000 and up depending on the size and age of your bathroom. A professional designer is utilized.