Design: The 2nd Priority

The process is simple. Design an idea and work with your budget while making the necessary adjustments. Finish selections will differ in cost and can also have an influence on the labor requirement. For example, installation of stone tile is more extensive than ceramic or porcelain.

Design comes before demoing your current bathroom and not on a random basis throughout construction. A well-designed project with the entire selection process complete will typically be less expensive, finish on time and on budget, and eases communication throughout the process.

To accomplish this, I use a preconstruction method that provides the client with budget planning, design consultation, the completion of drawn plans, and final material selection.

With a preconstruction process the design is finished and an exact price for the project is set before construction begins.

To get started with preconstruction it’s best to have a good idea of the style and color scheme of your future bathroom.

Proper design will give your bath beauty and creativity that many people who remodel and spend the same amount of money don’t get. At the end of the design
phase you’ll know EXACTLY how your bathroom will look.

Many Remodelers:

  • Design quick and for free, which is NOT client-focused design.

  • Design your project like their last project.

  • Use a system that forces quick finish material selection.

  • Use a system designed to quickly progress towards signing a contract.

  • Miraculously get VERY close to your budget.

  • Will use low quality materials to meet your budget.

  • Only allow you to shop at one tile distributor, one plumbing distributor, etc. How will that help you find the right selection?

There are at least 6 places to buy high quality tile in the Milwaukee area and many quality manufacturers online. It’s important to view options so you can have something personal, unique, creative, etc. A good designer will narrow down these choices, NOT limit them.