Why Choose Smooth Surface Tile & Stone?

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My clients generally hire me because I’m reliable, honest, do quality work, and have a proven record.

The finish result is excellent and even if you don’t know anything about construction you can tell I use the best materials for the job.

I’m also known to keep a clean job site, which all my clients have appreciated.

Check out the testimonials page to hear what my clients have to say in their own words.

Why Choose Smooth Surface Tile & Stone

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Why Smooth Surface Tile & Stone?

I use the most advanced materials and
installation techniques for each project.

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What Tile or Stone to Choose?

The designers at the local distributors that I purchase tile from are very helpful when it comes to choosing your tile and you should use their talents to the fullest. In order to make the best choice in tile, you will need to know the following. First of all, where will the tile be used? On walls, the floors, or counter tops? Will the tile be exposed to wet or freezing conditions? Is it for residential or commercial use? Certain tiles should be used in specific situations. You may like the way a tile looks, but it may not be heavy enough for extended walk areas or also may absorb water which would not be good for certain areas.

In regard to color, remember dark colors make a room appear small, while lighter colors open up a room. Cost is also an important factor. When selecting tile, simply multiply your square footage with the cost. We will help with all the details including bullnose, edge profiles, shipping, etc.

Working with an associated designer of ours is also an excellent choice. Many clients don’t realize how much a designer can add to something as small as a shower remodel.