Relative Budget: The 1st. Priority

We can work together with your ideas and budget to determine what your bathroom remodel will cost. Please also refer to the Cost vs. Value attachment linked in the downloads section for your average local costs.

Unlike many remodelers I prefer not to set allowances for your finish selections.

Allowances can also lead to setting artificially low numbers that have to be adjusted later, maxing out your budget, and the quoting of lower quality materials in order to meet that budget. This results in a design that’s not personalized, and which looks very much like their last bathroom remodel. These are often businesses built on quantity of projects rather than individuality.

Alternatively, and because of my wide variety of projects, I prefer to let my client decide what they’d like to spend on their finish material selections based on the design concept and budget.

It’s best to design a project in-line with your relative budget and to give you alternative options along the way. Each client is unique and so is the investment. For example, you can choose a $200 or $2000 faucet or tile that costs anywhere from $5-$50 per square foot. Installation costs also vary depending on the materials so adjustments to labor are also made during the design phase.